• Bio-Identical Hormones

    What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    As we age, our hormones begin to naturally decline. When this happens, many of us find ourselves dealing with a wide variety of symptoms commonly associated with hormone imbalance such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, low libido, weight gain and fatigue. Just as we would add oil to a car when the level is low, we can replenish hormones with the amount that is deficient. These biologically identical, plant derived hormones, act in the body just as naturally produced hormones would, and therefore, patients do not experience the harmful and dangerous side effects that are often associated with the use of synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

    Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy goes beyond treating the symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalances. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy treats the cause of the problem (the specific hormone imbalance) in the same way the human body naturally produces hormones. This method of naturally balancing hormone levels, by utilizing bio-identical hormones, restores balance to the body and improves the quality of life, in addition to improving the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance.

    Suzanne Somers was the first celebrity promoting Bio-identical Hormones through her books: Ageless, The Sexy Years, Breakthrough and through her many appearances speaking on Hormone Replacement Therapy. She refers to the symptoms of menopause as the seven dwarfs: Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful and All-Dried Up!The good news is these “new friends” can easily be banished from your life with a little help from good nutrition, exercise and bio-identical hormone therapy. Suzanne describes how bio-identical hormone replacement therapy relieved her menopausal symptoms, increased her energy levels, increased her sexual desire and recaptured her overall zest for life!

    What are the benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

    • Helps to prevent Osteoporosis and restores bone strength
    • Protects against heart disease and stroke
    • Reduces hot flashes and vaginal dryness
    • Muscle mass and strength are better maintained
    • Improves cholesterol levels
    • Reduces risk of depression
    • Reduces risk of breast and endometrial cancer
    • Improves libido
    • Prevents senility and Alzheimer’s disease
    • Improves sleep
    • Enhances mood, concentration, and memory
    • None of the synthetic hormones side effects

    At Rejuvenate Doctor we use a comprehensive approach to Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) that begins with evaluating the major hormones of the body (including estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and thyroid hormones) to determine which are out of the optimal range. All your body’s hormones balance and complement each other just like members of a well-orchestrated symphony. When one is out of tune, the entire symphony is out of balance. The effects of this imbalance on the body can be debilitating and affect everything from health to mental status to physical appearance.

    BHRT is used to restore hormone balance. Bio-identical hormones are added in a specific amounts that are unique to each person, this guarantees the exact same structure, and function that our body requires. Bio-identical hormones are plant-derived, and chemically changed in a laboratory until they are identical to what your body would naturally produce. BHRT is customizable, and therefore can be adjusted to fit your needs, unlike conventional HRT, which has a few standard dosage strengths.

    lady_42Woman 42+ At age 42, a typical female starts to experience the early stages of Menopause. Estrogen at 40 years of age is at 60% of Max (Max = hormone level at 18). By the time woman reach 50 they are down to 10% of Max!

    man_32Men 35+ At age 35, a typical male starts to experience Andropause (Male Menopause). Testosterone is at 70 – 80% of Max (Max = hormone level at 18). By the time they 40 they’re down to 40% of Max!


    At Rejuvenate Doctor, we understand the importance of hormones to our health and well-being and have made hormone balancing a primary area of specialization. If you are suffering from or think you may be experiencing hormone imbalance, please call us at (954) 925-8100 to schedule your MD consultation with one of our board certified doctors. Rediscover yourself today. It couldn’t be easier!

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